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General Information

B.C. Mineral Titles Online (MTO) system.

Provides opportunities & challenges for mineral & placer tenure holders.

Through MTO, mineral and placer tenures can be secured and managed through a secure internet service. BC has been divided into a grid system of cells, a system successfully in use in the oil, gas and coal industry. Across the province, cells are apportioned according to latitude and longitude (for more info see MTO Explained). With extensive tenure management experience, Accurate Mining Services can provide you with a complete range of property management services, including:
  • Guidance on mineral & placer tenure issues under the new system.
  • Mineral & placer tenure acquisitions, conversions & amalgamations.
  • Assessment filings and integrated claim management.
  • Preparation of Notices of Work, Notices of Completion and Reports.
  • Website design & preparation, mine business services.
  • Technical referrals.

Accurate Mining Services Ltd.

1311 Borregard Road

Quesnel, B.C., V2J 3Z7

Phone: 250-747-2821

Fax: 1-888-515-9204


Coarse placer gold from Beaver PassThere are several claims for sale in the Beaver Pass area  

Coarse gold from Beaver Pass at left

There are several claims for sale in the Beaver Pass area - some with ponds already in place

New Claim Listings

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Placer under $20,000

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Placer over $20,000

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New Mineral (hardrock)


New mining equipment for sale

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